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Our Next Event: All Things Therapeutic

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Therapeutic Virtual Event: June 2, 1:00-2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST)

The Event Includes Speech-Language Pathology, Occupational, Physical, Art, Music, Recreational, and Play Therapies.

Currently, we have 1,000+ invitees on our list for this Event!



Teresa Alliston MPT: Physical Therapist, Pediatric Therapy of Washington State
Lisa Morris MS: CCC-SLP/L, Clinical Director, Pediatric Interactions Inc.
Lillian Chen-Byerley: Owner and Occupational Therapist
Fatima Chan: Senior Music Therapist/Researcher, Integrative Music Therapy


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The Event Guide will include information about the event and highlight all the speakers. Sponsors will be highlighted on the Event Platform website and in the Event Guide. A sponsor can sign up for a full, half, or quarter page; outlined below. Each sponsor will also be included in the program schedule and receive (as per resource list order form) one or more resource lists, with a license to freely distribute (sales prohibited) to clients, colleagues, friends, and family.

Event Guide Sponsorship Opportunities

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