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Aspiritech Hires People on the Autism Spectrum

Aspiritech, a non-profit based in Northbrook IL hires and trains people on the Autism Spectrum to do software testing for companies. Aspiritech utilizes the attention to detail and routine that many people with autism possess which, when combined with computer skills, often makes them well suited for software testing.

Illinois Families, Kids with Disabilities Suffer Without Childcare

Decatur resident Brandy O’Connor at home with her son, Mark Bolen, 10. Mark has cerebral palsy and O’Connor said she has struggled to find a childcare facility willing and able to care for him.
Roughly two years ago, O’Connor said her and Mark’s life changed for the better. She discovered a grant-funded program called Kid’s Connection that provides after school and summer care for children with and without disabilities ages five to 18. The program is administered by a non-profit group in Decatur called Macon Resources, Inc. read more